Fiber Tribe

Dye • Spin • Weave


The Process



Alchemy has always been an important component of the creative process. Fiber Tribe dyes with acid and natural dyes to emulate things found in nature. Through the use of pigment, steam, and vinegar, an infinite number of color combinations can be created.


Fiber Tribe spins traditional and art yarn using natural fibers with interesting add ins including commercial yarn, firestar, novelty thread, and natural materials. Commercial yarn and tread is strictly used as a core thread or as add-ins not the bulk of any yarn.


SAORI weaving is a process of channeling free form expression; a mediation in the present. Fiber Tribe often uses novel materials to push the boundaries of weaving.  " [It]is the uniqueness of each thread that creates the tapestry of life." - Misao Jo, founder of SAORI weaving.